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Fault Finding in Market Harborough and Leicestershire

Written by: james On: April 26th, 2017

Electricians at Kibworth Electrical follow processes to detect and fix electrical faults when out on fault finding jobs in Market Harborough and Leicestershire.

During everyday life things can be unplugged, disconnected, suffer wear and tear or simply stop working altogether.  It’s certainly not advisable for anyone who isn’t trained to explore electrical systems to try and work out what is wrong.

Common faults can be detected very quickly by those with experience in electrical work and where work is more complex, Kibworth Electrical work through a strict set of diagnostics to check electrical wiring and find faults.

When fault finding for a customer recently, we simply found that two wires were not connected and very quickly fixed them to ensure they were reconnected.

Fault Finding in Market Harborough and Leicestershire

For assistance with fault finding or electrical work in Market Harborough and Leicestershire contact Kibworth Electrical on 01858 545 952

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